The NSS is coming…

Interesting. University of Winchester have raised banners that say “We’ve listened to you”, demonstrating how. It’s important to take the student view on board, but how often do we end up responding to these results – is there not a better way to measure… and it’s worrying when these are used as the MAIN criteria – and education falls into danger of being edutainment!

Have you raised the banners yet? Ordered the free hot dogs? Set up the laptops? Yes, it’s that time again. Up and down the land, exhortations will flash across plasma screens, encouraging messages will fill noticeboards, and bright-faced student ambassadors will lie in wait at strategic points ready to grab any passing third-year. For next month, the National Student Survey begins.

Since 2005, when the Ipsos Mori poll first began, this annual judgement day has assumed more and more importance. It is increasingly viewed by the media, student applicants and their parents, and even the government as the absolute barometer of university health.

It’s not as if we’re not always trying to improve what we do. But we’re now so aware of how influential the NSS has become that we put massive efforts into making sure our students know that we have responded to their concerns.

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