[CANCER/LIFE] Choosing new Boobs and taking an AquaBoob to the Pool!

Last year I wrote that I was quite happy not to draw attention to my breasts, but unfortunately this year means that I’ve had to talk about them a lot – along with losing one, and flashing the other at a variety of medical staff! Anyway, having made it into the swimming pool yesterday for […]

[TOOLBOX] Speedo Fit

So, gradually thinking about some of the apps that I have on my phone… some very ‘quick & dirty’ reviews of what they are and where they get used. The ‘Speedo app‘ has been available for quite some time (originally under another name, but I can’t remember what)! I remember adding it to my iPad, […]

APP IN USE: Splashpath

Been using this ‘Splashpath’ app for a while – I mix swimming in with other classes (just can’t find the gym interesting any more – was OK when used to go with a friend and just talk as exercise!). I like the fact that I can choose a ‘challenge’ and swim that – I did […]