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Tablets in the Classroom

Having seen the results of the University of Winchester’s tablet survey, and the knowledge that one module has been trailing encouraging¬†students to use their phones/tablets in class, it’s interesting to see this story:

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Teaching with the aid of notebook PCs is given a cautious thumbs up by lecturers. Jack Grove writes

The pros and cons of teaching students with a tablet PC have been assessed in a new study.

The tablet computer is the latest electronic device to be used in lectures, with market-leader Apple selling almost 40 million iPads since its launch just 18 months ago.

The merits of teaching with tablets have been evaluated in a paper by Kyu Yon Lim, assistant professor at Ajou University, in South Korea, in the journal Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

She observed the introduction of tablet PCs at an engineering faculty at a large US university, in which 28 staff volunteered to take part.

The new technology was not universally popular with academics. While some revelled in the ability to transmit information, graphs and equations using the touch-screen technology, others found it cumbersome and time-consuming.

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