Tangle screenshot“tangle is the new name of GodTube, our video-file sharing company. GodTube began as the dream of a small handful of individuals, the dream for a faith-based, family friendly network where people of all ages and backgrounds could come together in connection, bonded by a shared faith and love for Christ. It was a dream built upon faith, hope and excited possibility. And it was a dream that caught fire, far surpassing the growth of any other network of its kind.

tangle is a social networking site that allows GodTube to expand its vision to reach more people with the ability to connect, share and grow online. It’s a place where, in addition to sharing videos, our users can connect and share their faith and lives with others through photos, audio messages, blogs, prayers, music, causes and so much more.

tangle is not just a global technology company; it’s not just a safe, family friendly place to interact with others. tangle is a movement. We hope you join it.”