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#TDC13 Workshop: The Power of Story

This afternoon I’m at this workshop:

Mari Burns
Mari Burns

Great leaders beginning with the Alexander the Great, have long known the emotional power of story in helping engage people behind a cause or a company. Today more than ever in our chaotic world of information overload, facts are not enough.  We want something that’s meaningful, a message that is compelling and memorable. Similarly, understanding our own story helps us to relate to others and the world around us, to understand how we can contribute and what drives us beyond a paycheque.

Joseph Campbell is perhaps the greatest evangelist for the power of meaning and stories and this workshop is based on his research and writings. The Hero’s journey describes a pathway for those who want to make a difference, are entrepreneurial, follow their hearts, have vision or are simply looking to ensure that this year, they do stuff that matters.

This is a practical workshop for the curious or those who may be about to navigate unchartered territory in their next phase of life. You are welcome to come along and dip your big toe into the river of myths, test out the water and decide whether the Hero’s Journey is for you.  Mari Burns and her team will work with you to explore your calling or passions in life and the story to take you to the next level in your career, business, as a brand or as any other unique adventure you might have in mind.

Taken from the TDC site.