#AdventBookClub: Day 4

How do you pray? (from an interview in Liguorian Magazine, October 1992)

Nouwen encourages us to spend 10 minutes each day with the gospel of the day, and read again and again (part of why we have the lectionary – though that’s weekly – here’s this coming Sunday’s on Seed Resources!). “You have chances every second to live this Word, but it has to be in you. It can’t be just an idea, it has to sink from the mind into the heart.”

We were discussing this at housegroup last night as we sought to understand how we can be confident that we hearing/acting on God’s word – as it asked what Bible verses tend to come to mind when we’re trying to make decisions … and the general consensus was that if we KNEW more Bible verses this might help inform our choices… A challenge (and one that I got involved in Big Bible for … I’m no theologian, and I come at it as someone who’s seeking to understand more … as will anyone at any stage on the journey!)

First Things First: Matthew 6:25, Matthew 6:32-33

Well, that’s an interesting one, considering this debate on Twitter today, with the Daily Mail saying that Sally Hitchiner “shouldn’t” be interested in fashion, and a large group of us saying, she’s who she is, and God called her to the work that she’s doing – she is who she is. Also brings to mind my image ‘de-cluttering’ I did earlier this year…

We are fortunate to live in a culture where for many of us we do have a choice in what we wear, and can express our personality – and I love this kind of idea of a charity gift list on John Lewis to share the joy with others! I would see the emphasis, especially drawing on first section of this reflection, on the section “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness” – then everything else falls into place.

Prayer: Seeking to ensure that our ‘inner life’ is the ‘greatest reality’, and that this flows into our ‘outer life’. (This is a lot of what drives my thinking on the kind of posts I write for Big Bible – we need to be authentic, whole-life beings – accepting that what we are sharing is in a public space, but not constantly re-editing ourselves to present a view that we think others will accept? #thinkingaloud.

Advent Action: Find a scriptural motto to add to your Advent preparation calendar to remember daily. Romans 12:2 coming to mind here..

Now off to read Pam’s thoughts.