Where passion trumps technology

We must all remember that technology is but a tool, and that at the end of the day, it is WHAT we communicate that’s important… if technology is a tool that helps that, brilliant… but the tools will always change!

In essence, my colleague was calling on what is always best in successful public speaking: she spoke from the heart. We would all do well to remember that, while YouTube clips, colourful slides and reams of handouts can be helpful, they cannot take the place of an engaging, thought-provoking lecture by a lecturer who really knows their stuff, is passionate about it and has taken the time to construct and deliver a talk that both instructs and inspires.

So this year, my aim as an educator is to get back to basics: while still allowing all this wonderful new technology to aid my delivery, I will keep foremost in my mind that what is most important is the delivery itself.

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