Understanding Cultural Intelligence with @Futurelearn

I’ve signed up for another MOOC – a four-week online course on ‘cultural intelligence’. See what commonpurpose.org has to say about it: The world is shrinking and leaders from different cultures are finding that they need to work together. The cultures are formed of geography, faith, gender, generation, organisation and sector. And in a global […]

We all hide in closets?

This has been going around Facebook over the last few days – “we all have closets” – and we don’t need to compete about whose closets are “hardest”, they are all just “hard” [and we don’t need to make it harder for each other?] It would be easy to mock people for not understanding the […]

School Grounds & Outdoor Play with Mary Jackson (TEDx Talk)

As I sit looking at my garden, which some activity has happened with – inspired by Mary Jackson on her last visit (and more planned once my book is finished) – it seems an appropriate time to check out Mary’s recent TEDx Talk at the University of Southampton (she also spoke at Greenbelt 2012): Last […]

Coming to Durham: @TEDxDur

Check the event out here for 5th May 2013, or on Twitter; Facebook. I’ve been to TEDx London before…