Christians on TV (Andrew Graystone) #medialit

General Vicar of Dibley Songs of Praise Eastenders Big Brother Contestants Father Ted Ned Flanders Rev. Lovejoy Emmerdale – Ashley Thomas Pentecost Service (Chris Moyles: All the things he was expecting to Christians to be – was better – happy, enjoying, good music…) The Manchester Passion (3 years ago) The Liverpool Nativity (2 years […]

Chocolate on Catch-Up TV

Just catching up on some interesting TV, about the search for a perfect chocolate bar (that has to be an interesting programme right!!) – via a new catch-up TV service See-Saw TV. Here we see a high-class chocolate owner trying English chocolate for the first time – and she doesn’t like it! “This week sees […]

David Attenborough: Life

Last night, at my friends, I actually watched some TV, and this “Creatures from the Deep” from David Attenborough’s Life series was absolutely fascinating (below, a ray eating a soft-shelled crab) – you can see this particular episode on BBC iPlayer for the next 19 days, or purchase the series from Amazon! “‘Life’ will chronicle the […]