Digital Event

I make an appearance at 2.26 for about 10 seconds… I love the idea of,a network founded last year for Christians and others who work in media. It is hosted by the Church and Media Network, who host the annual conference in Swanwick (always smack bang in the middle of marking time, but I find it such an inspiring event!). Encourage young Christians you know to apply for one of 16 places on the MediaNet Academy, which I attended in 2007, which led to an invitation to ‘Christianity in the Digital Space‘, which has led to great contacts and currently some interesting discussions about possible projects.

“TheMediaNet is a broad-based community. People come here from all sorts of backgrounds and faith traditions. They may hold different views on issues that you feel strongly about, and they may express themselves in different ways to you. We view this positively.” Core Values for Participation (PDF).

There’s now over 300 people on the site, and some great content, contacts and job opportunities floating around. The list illustrates membership backwards… and I was only the 8th person on the site… ahead of the crowd, that’s me, clearly!