[MEDIA] Shielded ‘Wellbeing’ with @RevJodyStowell

I was happy to be invited to contribute to Jody’s podcast, around vulnerability in shielding. There are three to listen to before today’s episode (on vulnerability, resilience and weakness), in which Jody and I both share thoughts and reflections on ‘wellbeing’. Can you be both sick and well? Many chronic illnesses (including cancer) are invisible, […]

[MEDIA] Blog for @YouBelong_2019 on ‘Knowing God’ (and names)

I met Laura at the Premier Digital Conference 2019, and we got chatting. Earlier this year she sent me a list of questions, and (for once in my life) I didn’t overthink the answers. The response to the first question: 1) What is your name and what does it mean?  My name is Bex, short […]

#Emptyshelf17 No.42: Those Who Wait by @Tanya_Marlow

Those Who Wait: Finding God in disappointment, doubt and delay by Tanya Marlow My rating: 5 of 5 stars As I wait for results from bone/CT scans to see if the cancer has spread across my body, I turned to Tanya’s book – which I’d been watching and waiting to see as it has developed. […]