[AUDIO] Thought of the Day 07/02/14

listen to ‘Thought of the Day 07/02/14’ on Audioboo For Inspirational Breakfast, Premier Radio: Thought of the Day I was fascinated to see that on this day in 1965, someone thought that it was worth recording that George Harrison (of the Beatles fame) had his tonsils removed. God, however, does care about all the little […]

[AUDIO] Thought of the Day 06/02/14

listen to ‘Thought of the Day 06/02/14’ on Audioboo Today happens to be 62nd anniversary of the ascension of Queen Elizabeth II to the British throne. Further back in time, on this date in 1918 – Britain granted women, aged 30 & over, the vote. A poster as part of the suffragette campaign highlighted how […]

[AUDIO] Thought of the Day 05/02/14

listen to ‘Thought for the Day 05/02/14’ on Audioboo On this date in 1597, a group of early Japanese Christians were killed by the new government of Japan for being seen as a threat to Japanese society. This reminds me of a question I have heard asked many times: ‘If you were arrested for being […]

[AUDIO] Thought of the Day 04/02/14

listen to ‘Thought for the Day 04/02/14’ on Audioboo Today’s events in history are a little more depressing. On this day in history, in 1933, in Germany, President Von Hindenbrg limited the freedom of the press, part of the journey towards the same date in 1938 when Adolf Hitler seized control of the German Army […]

[AUDIO] Thought of the Day 03/02/14

listen to ‘Thought for the Day 03/02/14’ on Audioboo Looking through this date in history, it’s a date scattered with disasters, including the Hawke’s Bay earthquake, New Zealand’s worst natural disaster in 1931, with 258 dead; a Baghdad market bombing in 2007 which killed at least 135 people, with hundreds more injured, and 33 people […]