GoogleGlass in the Classroom

We’ve had a GoogleGlass in CODEC since the summer, but it’s not been used to much acclaim by the team, but this is an interesting experiment where it seems to be contributing to university teaching: Academics exploring uses of the device‚Äôs in-built camera unexpectedly found that wearing the head-mounted display broke down barriers between staff […]

Lifelong Learning: Are Libraries the Key?

Academic libraries cannot do everything. They rely on their universities’ explicit support and resources – but the investment is smart. Universities rely on alumni to be their ambassadors, and the provision of services that keep them connected both generates goodwill and equips them to be more effective on behalf of their alma mater. The ivory […]

Compromising higher learning, measure for reified measure

The idea that measurement brings certainty persists. One example is the quantification of the contact hours students have with teachers under the new dispensation in which higher education is cast as a quasi-privatised investment. Contact is important, but the quantifying of hours occludes the more serious issues: the quality of contact, and what we want […]

Feel the Rush @timeshighered

Incisive debate on contemporary issues is curtailed by the glacial pace of academic publishing, argues Tim Luckhurst. Adopting new journalistic models would inject vitality into academics’ work As a journalist, I learned a lesson that many academics consider not just counter-intuitive but heretical: if a job is worth doing it is often worth doing fast. […]