Thinking Toilets? #TFBloggers

Toilet tales on travels … yes, still one of the things that even as a fairly seasoned traveller can cause a few tremors – as this pretty funny post gives some insights into! We have established that the hotel will have ‘western toilets’ although the community will have “long-drops”…

For many, any form of toilet is amazing, and it’s good to remember that! I’m currently saving up for a new bathroom, and my plan is as part of it, to ensure I have the £60 to twin my toilet (another Tearfund initiative)… and I love seeing that the toilets at St John’s College (where CODEC is based) are twinned!


A simple idea – think you might participate?



Check out “

For just £60 you can twin your toilet at home, work or school with a latrine in Burundi. Your smallest room will be twinned exclusively with your own individual latrine in the remote Giharo Commune of Rutana Province. Only your toilet will be twinned with that particular latrine.You can even locate your twin deep in the African bush via Google Earth!
A suggestion: From We Are What We Do. Put a money pot on top of your toilet, and spend a penny every time you spend a penny!
For fun: check out the “toilet-shaped house
Idea picked up from talk from Greenbelt 2009 by Euginie Harvey.