What, Where and Why are Children Hanging Out Online? #DigitalParenting

There’s so much that’s positive about technology… The trick is to give our kids the right tools and keep the conversation going. (Rebecca Levey, Mashable) You don’t need to know everything about how the internet works in order to use it, but increasing your understanding of the most popular tools will help your own confidence, […]

[IMAGE] Social Media Map

I’ve downloaded these over different years, now I need to find the old ones and see what has changed: See all current material from Overdrive.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Linked-In Uses

I have to say that I think Linked-In has got better over the past year, so I’m more inclined to check in on it, though not daily in the same way as I do Twitter/Facebook:

6 Easy Steps to Using Hootsuite

Over at the work that I’m doing for ODHEG, I was asked for a simple guide to Hootsuite, so here we are. Hootsuite is designed to enable you to tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc without having to log in and out of each account (the free account allows you to connect to up to 5 accounts, […]