Cleaning up the workplace?

I took on a range of roles to support my studies at all levels, an interesting piece on work to support a PhD: James, formerly a PhD student at a Russell Group university in the North of England, also approached his institution for help to find a job while he completed his studies. While carrying […]

History too employability focused?

When I last taught history in HE, which must be about 3 years ago now – we had to do this … in many ways I think it’s useful to determine ‘transferable skills’, but also important to note that it’s taking away from other potential teaching time: First-year history students at my university take a […]

Media Studies: Of Value?

Once again, media studies is in the firing line! When done well, it’s an excellent course, with excellent transferable skills (as well as the intrinsic skills): Media self-hatred is fuelling the attacks on media studies, says Sally Feldman So media studies is in the firing line again. This time, the renewal of hostilities was prompted […]

Google leads search for humanities PhD graduates

Will Silicon Valley be calling in the long run? My humanities PhD is leading me in all kinds of interesting directions! Those worried about the value of studying the arts and humanities, particularly at the postgraduate level, take heart: Google wants you.In a boldly titled talk at a conference at Stanford University last week, Damon […]

Transferable Skills: Media Studies

Degrees in media/communications studies cover a broad range of subjects from the highly practical to the theoretical. You can develop a variety of skills that are extremely useful in many employment areas. These skills include: critical analysis; research; a broad commercial and cultural awareness of the media and creative industries; teamwork; initiation and development of […]