Travelblog (2006-2008)

Once I knew that I was leaving the University of Manchester, and started making plans for ‘Round the World’ travels, I decided to jump into the world of ‘blogging’. This site was the one that first came up on ‘Googling’ ‘travelblog’, and seemed to fit the purpose. I have religiously updated it on my travels, although the writing is very rough in form, and the images have not been particularly carefully chosen!

The primary audience of the site was myself – it was designed as a record for my own memories, back-up storage of images, and possibly to provide raw material for travel writing at some point.

The secondary audience of the site was my friends and family as with limited (aka internet cafe) access to the internet I wanted to be able to contact many people at once, and have them know that I was safe, plus give them some insight into what I was doing/seeing and learning!

The joy of updating the site has disappeared somewhat, and my ‘big travels’ come to an end in November 2008, so I plan to do some quick entries (all the photos are on, which is all most people are interested in, but be good to have some brief text), and then bring it to a close!