[CANCER] #LivingWith #MetastaticCancer

Today I returned for further treatment at the hospital, the sixth infusion, and the first since my recent scan was NEAD. Thankfully no more docetaxol for now, but ongoing Herceptin and Perjeta infusions (until they stop working – I think around 5 years is most I’ve seen so far). I was also supposed to start […]

[CANCER] Appointments, Appointments, Appointments #WaitingRoomFeet

So, last blogged about cancer on 18th Feb, and the appointments have continued… before this week, just counselling and zoladex. This week has been a little busier: Monday: Appt 1: The Christie This was a very swift appointment – finding a new part of the hospital (officially in the private part of the Christie, but […]

[CANCER] Sigh, #BreastCancer is BOOOORRING – What Now?

Talking generically about what happens in Facebook groups when there is a secondary diagnosis, is a mix of (I know from past year), a feeling of frustration that you’re unable to do much for the person except cheer them on, and also a fear that it might be you next. In some ways, at least […]

[CANCER] Quarter of the way through #Radiotherapy

After last week’s #Take1 for radiotherapy, this Tuesday we went for #Take2. I had to go back into the CT scanner on Thursday (didn’t need to see the Dr), and new measurements were taken, and then the planning has to be done, so they couldn’t start that day. Everyone who’s done chemotherapy says this is […]

[CANCER] Time for #Radiotherapy Planning for #BreastCancer

I was originally told I was unlikely to need radiotherapy, although they said occasionally things change as treatment goes on. When the pathology results came back, however, the tumour was clearly larger than expected, and had spread into more lymph nodes than anticipated (it sounds like more than 3-4 triggers radiotherapy, and I had 5), […]