Tweets from #ALTC2013 [Storify]

It’s not a title I’m proud of, but for the past 3 years, I’ve tweeted the most from #ALTC: [View the story “#ALTC2013 Notes by @DigitalFPrint” on Storify]

Day 2 #ALTC2012 Storify

[View the story “#ALTC2012 Day 2” on Storify] #ALTC2012 Day 2 Tweets from @digitalfprint from Day 2 of the conference. Storified by Dr Bex Lewis · Wed, Sep 12 2012 10:11:33 "@drawnalism: <Reading> The words of @digitalfprint who understands the power of images" :-)Digital Fingerprint HomeFeedback and Assessment for Students with Technology questions for #fastechUK […]

#ALTC2012: Storify: Day 1

[View the story “#ALTC2012 Day 1” on Storify] #ALTC2012 Day 1 A few thoughts from the first full day of the Association for Learning Technology annual conference, mostly my own Tweets/RTs Storified by Dr Bex Lewis · Tue, Sep 11 2012 12:29:13 ALT-C 2012 – a confrontation with reality | Association for Learning TechnologyThe time, […]