[MEDIA] Talking about #FactCheckUK with @UCBNewsTeam for #GE2019

Earlier today I had a conversation with the news team for UCB radio, and manage to capture this snippet used this evening (the rest will follow later, as we talked more generally about social media/the election): I'm keeping tabs on some interesting links on Wakelet. Interestingly the parody account for Boris Johnson was right on top of it, demonstrating just how quickly the internet can respond:

[MEDIA] What should happen to our online selves when we die? from @LifeSearch for @UCBNewsTeam

LifeSearch (a life insurance company) have posted the results of a new study that they have done, into how prepared people are in managing their digital assets/social media after death, and found that a large number of users want their data cleared automatically on death, whilst others want to hold onto e.g. e-books/music, and photographs for the benefit of others post death: Currently, when a person passes away, loved ones face substantial paperwork to deactivate…

[MEDIA] Talking Facebook and Cambridge Analytica with @UCBNewsTeam

I spoke to Vicky Gibbons on UCB1 earlier about the £500,000 fine for Facebook (see Guardian article), as to whether it would likely impact Facebook, how that fine might protect the public in the future, and any practical steps in light of GDPR that helps the public stay safe online now? We also briefly looked at the ?Democracy Disrupted report, which includes 10 recommendations for the Government to introduce a statutory Code of Practice for the…

[MEDIA] Talking #SID2018 #ItStartsWithUs with @PremierRadio and @PaulUCB

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day, and I had a couple of chats with Cara Bentley, from Premier Radio and Paul Hammond, from UCB Radio - some overlaps, and some different angles so you can listen to both here: On UCB at 10.25am with Paul Hammond (note I work at Manchester Metropolitan University, not Manchester University) On Premier Radio at 1.45pm with Cara Bentley in The News Hour

[MEDIA] Has social media really changed our outlook? 2017 in Review (#metoo) with @UCBNewsTeam

Triggered by one of the biggest stories of 2017, the #MeToo hashtag, tied in with the story of Harvey Weinstein's negative behaviour within Hollywood circles, I had a chat with David Peek from the UCB News Team, shortly after Time Magazine picked 'the silence breakers' of the #MeToo hashtag as 'Person of the Year'. So, here's some of my notes in preparation, drawing on ideas from friends on Facebook, and some online research! #MeToo See: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/20/women-worldwide-use-hashtag-metoo-against-sexual-harassment…