Great Video from @RealDMitchell Re: University Purpose

Think this is well put, about the need for University to be about more than being a cog in the working line: If you’re going, and worrying about the fees – check out Martin Lewis’s guidance. H/T to @sallyhitchener for sharing.

Book Review: Higher Education in the Digital Age

This looks interesting, addressing a number of issues (MOOCs, etc) that are highly current, although the focus appears to be on maintaining elitism: What we call widening participation or access to higher education in the UK is not a central concern of this debate; rather it is about how higher education can contribute to the […]

Chinese Politeness & Education

A really interesting piece about the culture in Chinese universities: Respect, in this instance, simply means having regard for those who know more than them. In the West, putting intellectual pressure on students can be dubbed “bullying”; here in China, they expect you to expect the best of them. In fact, most of my students […]

Dangers from MOOCs?

Interesting challenges to the standard model of University teaching from MOOCs – needs to be taken seriously: There is a lot of apocalyptic language around at the moment. And not just in higher education: we are, after all, still picking our way through the aftermath of a financial “tsunami”. So it was timely for the […]

University Social Media Untrustworthy?

Considering that many marketing departments in Universities are still influenced by those who found their feet in old media, am not too surprised by this… social media is all about relationships/building trust…: Prospective students are keen to engage with their university through social media channels, with one fifth of students saying that universities don’t make […]