Internal Communications

Interesting piece on the need to keep staff informed internally – always something that we’ve talked about in the age of social media – if you want people to tweet good stuff about your organisation, they’ve got to feel a sense of ownership/involvement in it (aka not just ‘nice glossy newsletters from top-down’) – and […]

Changing Models of Higher Education

A number of changes, including increasing numbers studying, implementation of private provision, students paying their own way, new regions driving global competition, and internationalisation are impacting the way that HE works: Private institutions, such as the 308,000-student University of Phoenix’s online campus, are taking a lead in creating “hybrid” models, which offer degree programmes through […]

Brazilian Universities on the Up!

I have a serious soft-spot for Brazil – having lived there for around 6 months, and had a return visit since – so really interested to see this story about the rise of Brazilian Universities: The University of São Paulo is the top-ranked Latin American institution in the 2012-13 Times Higher EducationWorld University Rankings, at 158, […]

Universities: Do we trust them?

Really interesting piece by Tamson Pietsch – can universities continue to be the leaders in certifying expertise? I recently attended a fascinating workshop on trust and authenticity in interwar Britain. In a period that witnessed the crumbling of old certainties and the appearance of new forms of mass culture, communication and politics, the question of […]

Tweeting University VCs with @timeshighered

Really interesting post about tweeting University VCs: Scrolling through some of the 20,000 tweets made by Dominic Shellard (@DMUVC), vice-chancellor of De Montfort University, it quickly becomes clear that he is not a typical university head. “New Jack Reacher book arrives Thursday. I absolutely cannot wait!”; “Just done a gym session…chilling now in the cafe”; […]