Should Universities be learning from Supermarkets?

Universities are encouraged to learn from Supermarket consumer-led strategies: He recommended that institutions should embrace social media as a feedback tool and to enable “two-way communication” with students because traditional methods of complaining were out of date. “If I am unhappy about something, I don’t write a nice letter and wait for a reply. I […]

‘Internationalisation’ in Universities

The importance of history in affecting modern day policy should always be considered: ‘Internationalisation’ is the trend du jour for universities, but they would do well to consider its earlier manifestation during the British Empire’s long 19th century. As Tamson Pietsch explains, history has much to tell us about the possibilities – and pitfalls – of the […]

What do students want from University?

Encouraging to see that students aren’t picking just on cost, but are looking for a wider idea of what offers “value”: Almost a quarter of all students have changed their thinking on where to attend university owing to higher tuition fees, according to a new study of applicants. That proportion rose to more than a […]

Disruption with Online Education

A really interesting article in this weeks Times Higher Education which considers how the US system (and probably those of us who end up echoing their systems) is about to face turbulent times with higher and higher fees causing ‘disruption’ as students look for other ways to engage: This disruption, they say, will force down costs, […]

‘Sins of Omission’ (@timeshighered)

With stories that schools are ‘sending difficult students out before Ofsted inspections‘, there are suggestions that Universities are also massaging their expertise – and a call that all should be included in the REF: “The European Union economy doesn’t look too bad – if you exclude Greece and perhaps a couple of others from the […]