Fees & Tech: USA?

It appears that a combination of new technologies, and fee rises in the UK are encouraging more to look to the States: Professor McAuliffe said that once this was taken into account, students might actually be charged “a good deal less” in the US. She added that the admissions process was also changing with the […]

Anarchist Images

This exhibit was created in 1996 as an independent class project for ILS726 to be displayed in the Internet Public Library‚Äôs Exhibit Hall. All of the works displayed are owned by the Labadie Collection which resides in the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan. “The dictionary defines a poster as “a large, usually […]

British World War II Posters: Motivating a Nation

“Although there were more resources to reach the public in World War II than in World War I, the poster again became an indispensable means of stirring the public. With its bright colors and catchy slogans, the poster served as a primary tool of government propaganda, calling for patriotism, national security, production, and being on […]

Visual Culture and Public Health Posters

“This online exhibit is designed to introduce you to the history of images used in public health posters in the twentieth century. It utilizes the world’s largest collection of poster art dealing with questions of health in the United States, housed at the National Library of Medicine. Many of these images can also be viewed […]