[VIDEO] Jean Vanier speaks on the Big Questions

When someone is loved, they are transformed, reveal to them they are beautiful. This does not happen if you’ve been humiliated and devalued. A really interesting talk ranging across many topics including the Holocaust, and everyday life: discover what it means to be a full human coming from vulnerable/fragile relationships.

Value in a PhD?

An interesting piece on the ‘value’ and employability of a PhD Who would do a PhD? Who would willingly submit to spending endless hours, over three or four years, in the laboratory or library, racked by self-doubt and money worries, in preparation for a career for which vacancies were never more oversubscribed? … But do […]

Valuing Staff in Academia

Having commented on the suggestion that 9 month contracts could be introduced in the UK, there’s another piece which suggests that universities must value their staff on more than their research outputs. Even in the subset of fields where they are viable, metrics such as grant income and citations tell you only that someone’s work is popular […]

History of Value? @timeshighered

A number of US arts and humanities departments are fighting back against calls that the liberal arts aren’t worth funding as they don’t lead directly to jobs… In response, several associations of universities with four-year courses are fighting back. The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) is aggressively advocating the importance of imparting “broad […]

University is not just about ‘getting a job’ …

I’ve always said that University is about SO MUCH more than ‘getting a job’, and the students are not ‘customers’ … this article brings that out: Academics have been “seduced” into using business-speak to defend higher education, according to leading scholars and politicians. Speaking at a conference titled Universities under Attack, academics called for a […]