The Canary in the Coal Mine (#highered)

With recent Manipulating Media assignments focusing upon the value of a University education – and the conversation occurring in many spaces – physical, print, online… very interesting article: Never before has the idea of the university been so feverishly debated in England, and for good reason. The restructuring of the country’s higher education sector around […]

What have they ever done for us?

How do local communities view their local universities, and do they recognise the value that they bring both to the local community, and to the local economy. This article looks particularly at the University of Southampton, and the University of Southampton Solent. That sentiment may be shared by many in the communities in which universities […]

Universities need to learn how to present themselves…

How can universities demonstrate their value to the wider public? Universities have never been in the public eye so much. The research “impact agenda” is posing tough questions about the relevance of university research. The huge hike in student fees is creating intense scrutiny of what “quality” and “value for money” look like in relation […]

Time to stop ‘spruiking’ PhDs?

Are PhDs being devalued? Or should we all have the opportunity to undertake them? OK. I shall be the one to raise the question that cries out to be asked of my country’s university staff, administrators and government financiers. Why do we enrol so many PhDs? Why do we entice so many bright young people […]

The art of warfare

By┬áTOBY WALNE Last updated at 10:16 PM on 29th May 2010 Wish I’d had money to buy some of these… would love at least one original (particularly Women of Britain) Your country needs you, Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State for War, famously declared at the start of the First World War in a 1914 recruitment […]