‘Life depends on science but the arts make it worth living’

Scientist claims true fulfilment is achievable only through the humanities, writes Rebecca Attwood The arts and humanities are “superior” to science, a top cardiologist has argued. John Martin, director of University College London’s Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine, has 53 patents, 20 staff and has founded a biotechnology company. But, speaking at the launch […]

Humanities Impact Evident

“Impact” is a slippery slope of a concept, especially for the arts and humanities. It will vulgarise our research, protest high-minded academics, and turn first-rate universities into second-rate companies. How can you measure the impact of an activity whose worth is not only self-evident but too rich and too nebulous for functionalist metrics? While it […]

Value in the Arts? @timeshighered

“One difficulty is that the defenders of liberal education – essentially education aiming at producing enlightenment rather than the ability to fix computers, get clients off drink-driving charges or mend broken limbs – are never sure what terrain to fight the philistines on. Defending an education based on Matthew Arnold’s “the best that has been […]