Reginald Mount (b.1906; d.1979)

Reginald MountBorn Edward Reginald Mount, before the Second World War Mount worked in advertising agencies such as Greenly’s and Lintas. On the outbreak of war Mount joined the MOI, designing many posters for campaigns, in particular security, salvage, diphtheria immunisation, and the anti-VD campaign of 1943-44. Mount tended to use neat and precise designs, was noticeable for his skilful use of photo-montage, and sometimes wrote his own copy. He worked with Evans, Eileen during the war, and then continued to produce varied work with her at the COI, where he was a consultant designer for the Art Services Section on a part-time basis. They produced award-winning posters for anti-smoking and road safety, whilst he continued to produce freelance work in house-styling, packaging, publicity and exhibition design. Particularly associated with the CIO, they produced information graphics and public service notices for a wide variety of government agencies’ Mount’s work was discussed in an Art and Industry article in 1950, particularly with regard to his belief that the artist’s ideas should be fit for purpose. In the 1950s, Reginald Mount was represented by Artist Partners, Ltd. Papers from c.1953 to 1981, covering joint graphic design work with Eileen Evans, are held at the National Art Library.

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