[VIDEO] Jean Vanier speaks on the Big Questions

When someone is loved, they are transformed, reveal to them they are beautiful. This does not happen if you’ve been humiliated and devalued. A really interesting talk ranging across many topics including the Holocaust, and everyday life: discover what it means to be a full human coming from vulnerable/fragile relationships.

[FILM] In Limbo

Antoine Viviani’s In Limbo, a personalized interactive film that reveals the traces we leave on the Internet, launches today Live the interactive experience at nfb.ca/inlimbo February 12, 2015 – Montreal, National Film Board of Canada What personal traces do we leave on the Internet? And just how permanent and public are they? These are the […]

#DigitalParenting: Book Launch Speech

On 19th February, my book Raising Children in a Digital Age launched. Here’s the ‘speech’ that I made, giving an overview of the book in about 13 minutes (I start around 5 minutes in, following Pete Phillips and Rhoda Hardie): Excuse the quality of the video. My laptop broke, when restored, I chose OS Mavericks, and […]

[VIDEO] 2 Minutes to Eradicate Self-Doubt?

Spotted this heading around Facebook (thanks Merry), although not convinced it is this simple … but this is part of the reason that I like the extras on films… it shows the need for failure, etc. to lead to success (‘instant success’ is very rare). It also reminds me of past coaching advice … focus […]