[VIDEO] Apple Holiday Ad

So, does this Apple advert confirm all your fears about tech-addiction, or do you see how tech is just a tool for creativity? Here’s what Huffington Post had to say about it.

[VIDEO] #EndItMovement

A powerful video from the ‘End It Campaign’, based in the States, which has been raising awareness this year – and now asking for action. On their site: SLAVERY IS WRONG. YOU KNOW IT. WE KNOW IT. AS A COUNTRY, WE’VE OFFICIALLY KNOWN IT SINCE 1863. BUT HERE’S SOMETHING YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW — SLAVERY […]

We all hide in closets?

This has been going around Facebook over the last few days – “we all have closets” – and we don’t need to compete about whose closets are “hardest”, they are all just “hard” [and we don’t need to make it harder for each other?] It would be easy to mock people for not understanding the […]

#DigitalParenting: Beeban Kidron "In Real Life"

A really interesting piece in the Guardian about a film made by Beeban Kidron re: the ‘real world’ on the Internet, with some debates I’d like to read more deeply into … I certainly believe that the Internet is a ‘real’ place, and that the film-maker has captured what some children really do online, but […]