Journal: Visual Culture in Britain

“Appearing three times a year, Visual Culture in Britain publishes original work that places a broadly defined visual culture encompassing painting and sculpture, architecture and design, print, film, photography and the performing arts in relation to its wider geographical and historical contexts. The journal seeks material engaged with the period from the 18th century to the present day and addresses a range of debates involving constructions of racial, ethnic, sexual and gender identities, nationality and internationalism, imperialism and colonialism, high, low and consensus cultures, the role of institutions and cultural groupings, and models of production and consumption. Submissions which consider theoretical and interpretive issues as well as those concerned with empirical research in relation to cultural production and representation are encouraged. Material which is methodologically and historiographically innovative and significant and will stimulate discussion and demonstrate connections across relevant disciplines is particularly welcome.”

Published by Routledge

Manchester University Press: Open Access articles 2004-2008.