[RESOURCE] Vodafone’s Digital Parenting Magazine

Vodafone has done a lot of work (with the government) in order to improve digital literacy amongst young people (it’s in their interest after-all, as then children will be using phones, and parents will trust Vodafone as a good provider). It’s now onto it’s sixth edition, published recently. You can download PDFs of all of them from the Vodafone website, or order 50+ physical copies for schools from Parentzone.

Key topics in this edition include:

  • Creating a kinder environment online (less cyberbullying)
  • Creating digital resilience in your child
  • Identifying fake news
  • Developing digital life skills
  • ‘Sharenting’
  • Online safety tips
  • Digital in PSHE
  • Giving guidance but room to explore
  • Sexual messages and sexting online
  • Screentime (quality vs quantity)
  • Online security
  • Body image pressures online
  • Broadcasting live
  • How to have difficult conversations
  • Setting up privacy settings online
  • Virtual Reality
  • Advice from experts



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Well, you may know what I think about the term ‘digital native‘, but this is an interesting infographic… generation-internet

from the 2014 edition of Vodafone Digital Parenting magazine (you can access previous editions), this is always a well-produced magazine, with lots of practical tips. As a mobile provider, Vodafone is clearly keen that parents feel comfortable with their children using technology, and with the support of the government, have continued to provide this material, particularly designed for schools. A good addition to Raising Children in a Digital Age!