@VoucherCloud #iPhone App

If you’ve never heard of Vouchercloud (or other similar apps, which I’d love to know about), I was told about this over Easter. If you don’t have a smartphone (a variety are accessible), simply go to the website and download printed vouchers before you go.

What does Vouchercloud do?
Another example of global returning to local… On entering a postcode (or type of activity, or name of company), the app searches for nearby offers within distance (you can bring all of them up, but I tend to be looking for restaurants), and offers a range of discounts to be used in store.

“Get the latest discount voucher codes from a range of high street and local retailers. All our voucher codes are updated weekly, allowing you to get the best promotional deals as soon as they get released.”

What’s Special about Mobile?
However, what I love about this app is the ability to use it on the move. On downloading the app, it uses the phones GPS function to identify those nearest to you, and which have valid vouchers for that day (yes, some appear on a Friday night, and not on a Saturday and vice-versa). You can also save favourites for those places that you like to visit frequently!

“Vouchercloud is also the first voucher supplier in Europe to have released a separate mobile voucher application. You can now also get our discount voucher codes directly to your smart phone by signing up to our mobile voucher app”.

Not Always Super-Prepared?
When out and about, I haven’t always thought about where I want to go, or I’m staying with friends and have no access to a printer, so this is great. I simply get up a code on the phone, show it to the waiter in the restaurant, and they subtract from the bill – saved £20 in La Tasca the other week, got a few pounds off my tyres in National Tyres & Autocentre, and a meal for £10 in Zizzi.

What’s New?
Vouchercloud are clearly very excited about their new collaboration with Vue cinemas, and have a special offer of 2-4-1 for a viewing of ‘Knight and Day’, the new Cruise/Diez film, voucher valid until 14th September. Here’s the preview for the film if you’re tempted:

Is the site interested in feedback?
The site has an active Twitter account. I just sent this status update indicating that there was a spelling mistake on their ‘apologies we’re super-busy’ message, and 5 minutes later (who knows, they may just have noticed it themselves too):