Ascilite 2009: Same Places, Different Spaces

Following #ascilite2009 on Twitter, which is currently ongoing in Auckland, New Zealand. What makes for effective blended learning? How are mobile devices are being incorporated into the learning environment? What Web 2.0 technologies are the teachers and students using and for what? What are industries, trades, businesses and professionals using for e-learning for FE and […]

Learning 2.0

Learning 2.0 View more documents from hblowers. OK, so this presentation is 2 years old… and in web terms that should be ANCIENT history, but a lot of the tools it has identified are still only just going mainstream within education, and I think it still has a lot to say about what such technology […]

Next-gen PhDs fail to find Web 2.0's "on-switch"

“A three-year study by the British Library, Researchers of Tomorrow, is tracking the research behaviour of doctoral students born between 1982 and 1994 – dubbed “Generation Y”. … Interim results, released to Times Higher Education, show that only a small proportion of those surveyed are using technology such as virtual-research environments, social bookmarking, data and […]

drbexl: Highly Influential

According to Topsy, I’m highly influential on Twitter! Be interesting to see their rationale for that, as my other Twitter feeds are not demonstrating the same accolade! Nice. Well, I guess I do spend quite some time on Twitter… I get all my news, etc. from there!