Producing for the Web

Whittaker, Jason, Producing for the Web, 2000 Whittaker is a lecturer in journalism, media and English in the UK, specilising in international journalism, and the academic slant can be seen in the book, which is quite theoretical. He doesn’t want to get too technical, but feels a good understanding of the history, structure, workings and […]

The Non-Designer's Web Book

Williams, Robin & Tollett, John, The Non-Designer’s Web Book, Peachpit, 2000 This book is now in its second edition, written by a pair from a graphic design background, who love to use Macintosh computers, and with a slightly wacky sense of fun. It is very good as a basic introduction to the Internet, how it works, and […]

Learning Web Design

Niederst, Jennifer, Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, Graphics, and Beyond, O’Reilly, 2001 Niederst comes from a background as a web designer, and a teacher of web design. Aimed at the beginner, it also prepares the reader for more advanced work. She stresses that there is no need to learn everything, but that it is […]

The Elements of User Interface Design

Mandel, Theo, The Elements of User Interface Design, Wiley, 1997 Mandel trained as a cognitive psychologist. The book largely focuses on software application design and testing, but it was being recognised that the web was starting to have an impact, Chapter 16 focuses on the web, and a lot of the other design principles apply to web […]

Web Pages That Suck

Flanders, Vincent & Willis, Michael, Web Pages That Suck: Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design, Sybex, 1998 Flanders was a webmaster for Lightspeed Net until 1997, having previously completed a degree focusing on the classical Greeks, where he appreciated the Greek ideas of moderation, proportion and beauty, which he feels can be applied to web design. […]