Producing for the Web

Whittaker, Jason, Producing for the Web, 2000 Whittaker is a lecturer in journalism, media and English in the UK, specilising in international journalism, and the academic slant can be seen in the book, which is quite theoretical. He doesn’t want to get too technical, but feels a good understanding of the history, structure, workings and […]

Effective Web Design

Navarro, Ann, Effective Web Design, Sybex, 2001 (2nd Edition)Navarro runs an Internet consultancy, is a member of the HTML Writers Guild, and works with W3C which strives to set standards on the Internet. The book is largely a ‘how to’ book, although she identifies design, time, financial and legal constraints (including recent issues such as copyright and privacy […]

Don't Make Me Think

Krug, Steve, Don’t Make Me Think, New Riders, 2000 Krug used to write computer manuals, but in 1989 changed to usability testing and interface design. He advocates a common sense approach to web design, and says that there is no ‘right’ way to design, but there are guiding principles that are already accepted, although all are learning […]

Designing Easy-to-Use Websites

Donnelly, Vanessa, Designing Easy-to-use Web Sites: A hands-on approach to structuring successful websites, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2000 Donnelly comes from a software design perspective, specialising in user interfaces, and applies similar principles to web design. The testing of a site by real users throughout the design and production process is stressed as an important element throughout the book, […]

Web Usability (2001-2002)

These pages are the result of a 5 month project investigating what makes a web page usable, and thus effective. Members of staff in all departments of the University of Winchester (formerly King Alfred’s College/University College Winchester) were questioned as to the use that they would possibly make of webpage design (within teaching, research, and […]