Web Site Categorisation

I am slowly working my way through the categorisation list (a hangover from when the blog was imported from blogger.com), removing individual ones. Tags are essentially where you can start to build a ‘cloud’ of information, which I use to see the patterns of where my interests are lying. When I first started the blog […]

BBC History Magazine

“BBC History Magazine is essential reading for anyone with a keen interest in all things historical. Helping bring Britain and the world’s rich past to life, each issue provides you with accessible and informative features from leading academic historians. BBC History Magazine was established to publish authoritative history in an accessible and attractive format. But […]


More targeted at the American market, History.com is a very visual, games-focused site. I particularly like ‘This day in history‘ – always find it interesting to see what is focused on, and what that says about the person who’s chosen it, rather than any kind of ‘fact’ in history! Wow, students, take note, they even […]

Best of British: Past and Present

One for the nostalgics… interesting to see how history is reconstructed, especially in a magazine which is popular overseas! “The UK’s best-read nostalgia monthly: Founded in 1995, Best of British celebrates our glorious past – and all that’s best about Britain today. The blend of cherished memories from yesteryear with features celebrating the people and […]

History Today

“History Today is a unique cultural institution, bringing the best in historical writing and research to a wide audience. The magazine created the concept of popular history, mixing styles, genres and periods to achieve a fusion of intellectual excitement and readability. As the world’s premier, and probably oldest, history magazine, we have been published monthly […]