Propaganda Critic

It is great to see that the site ‘‘ is still alive and well, as I found it’s material drawn from The Institute of Propaganda Analysis very helpful. Here’s a taster of the infromation on the site: “This site is inspired by the pioneering work of the Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA). In 1937, the […]

BBC History Website

As usual from the BBC, there’s a good mix of general history, including an interactive timeline (alongside other interactive options), links to the most recent BBC history programmes still available on iPlayer, and a number of themed stories, including a great collection of memories collected from “The People’s War“.

History World

Historyworld’s aim is to make world history more easily accessible through interactive narratives and timelines. Written by Bamber Gascoigne, it consists of about 300 narratives ( the alphabetical list runs from Aegean Civilization to Zoroastrianism) and some 10,000 events on searchable timelines, including the Second World War.

The Kerslake Company

Dr Deborah Kerslake is the owner of the Coaching College where I did my Life Coaching qualification, then known as Serenergise. I went to see Debs for a day, gave her some advice on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. and advised that her site needed a more professional look/more functionality, and put her in touch with […]

New Site!

Well – semi-new, so here we are, finally self-hosted, combining my Dreamweaver site (I haven’t finished the data transfer yet), and my blog! Seem to have done something odd with the images, so anyone who can let me know how you redirect the path to upload images to in – that would be handy […]