We Met: Martin #TFBloggers

Martin started his story at the age of 16, when he was an orphan, and was used to sell his labour out to quarry stones. He would help others on their land with Oxen, and then be able to use the Oxen on his own land in return. He got married as the PEP scheme […]

We Met: Margaret #TFBloggers

Before PEP, many in the village were expectant that the Pastor could be lent upon for help, many didn’t know how to do things for themselves, and her husband was not able to provide for the family. Margarent looked at the resources that she had – realized that she had a tree from which she […]

We Met: Abdul #TFBloggers

Abdul is a Muslim, one of the leaders in the PEP process. Joseph (our driver) had challenged him through some role play – a common tool used as part of the PEP process. His parents had chosen his wife, whom he divorced from in the middle of the LRA insurgency, so he decided to join […]

We Met: Dolphina #TFBloggers

Last one for today… Dolphina is Pastor Gideon’s wife. She says her life has changed greatly as before PEP she was looking after 10 children single-handedly, and there were always food shortages. PEP asked the participants to undertake an exercise in which people took one step at a time, and were ask to look what […]

We Met: Gideon #TFBloggers

Gideon is the Senior Pastor in the area … and as with many pastors, this is a voluntary role, so he still needs to farm in order to survive and provide. He started by saying that he used to judge the other church leaders, as he expected them to help him.  Before the PEP process, […]