We Met: James #TFBloggers

James wanted to talk about PEP and some of the changes in the church, and talked about CD (Christ Disciples Structure) – they decided to keep going with their meetings whilst the group saved to buy land for a new church – he is one the group pastors. James is from one of the other […]

We Met: George William #TFBloggers

George William stood up in our session in Weela to say how much he enjoyed participating in the PEP process.  When he was first introduced to the idea, he wasn’t too sure about it, as he’d gone along expecting the usual handouts received from other NGOs. He became someone who went to collect information from […]

We Met: Clement #TFBloggers

On Friday we met Clement, who is one of the Church and Community Resource Pastors (CCRP), and he was keen to tell us how PEP had transformed his life. He went through the camps in the civil war, a time of great insecurity. He indicated that they had got used to a life of handouts […]

Weela: Some Progress #TFBloggers

On Friday we visited the sub-district of Weela, which went through the PEP process around 6 years ago, and was one of the pilot projects for PEP (see all Facebook photos). Those in the village were certainly enthusiastic advocates for the scheme, and were keen to show us what had been achieved – and were […]