[CANCER] #Chemotherapy 2 is happening tomorrow.

So, if it hadn’t been a bank holiday yesterday, I would have had chemotherapy (+ immunotherapy + targeted therapy) yesterday, but all the appointments have been spread out over today and tomorrow – so the steroids are building up in my body tonight, and it’s an early start/long day tomorrow.

Last time there was an observation period of 6 hours post treatment, I think tomorrow is 3 hours post treatment, any after this have no observation period. I went for bloods today so tomorrow can go straight in and get plugged in to the treatment and get home before crazy traffic!

Side Effects

Tomorrow I will need to talk them through the side effects, and see if any can be better managed. Probably should have kept a diary of everything – though there’s quite a bit on Instagram – I did last time, been a bit blase and just living with it all this time!

  • Bloody, ‘productive’ nose from the first evening which hasn’t really gone (stocks in tissue companies required)
  • Ongoing fatigue – limited energy // short awake days // insomnia – sleeping tablets (‘hangover’ day after, so I’ve tried without last week) …
  • Steroid ‘rosiness’ (with extra insomnia/appetite)
  • Muscle aches particularly couple of days post chemo, probably from the filgrastim injections, which are producing white blood cells to try and keep me out of hospital with neutropenia…. still first ‘go down stairs’ of each day tends to be a bit sideways!
  • Loss of taste – mouth, as a friend described it, feels like have ‘drunk a pond’ … that’s been coming and going, but thankfully got most back this past week; much mouthwash to try and prevent mouth ulcers
  • Itchy rash on arm, armpit, scalp, (that’s going to pull fragile hairs out aside from anything else), acne – Pliazon Cream has been given today to slap on tonight.
  • Stomach having a party at random moments (especially around day 9)
  • Skin drying out (Aveeno slapped on), and soles of feet burning somewhat (just because I’ve been walking, maybe?)

Over the past few weeks I also appear to be becoming allergic to (some?) plasters…

Finding Normality

With primary treatment, there seems to be a certain expectation that you chuck everything to one side, and concentrate on treatment. With secondary treatment, as this is now it for life (and 30% of people likely to end up with secondaries, some ‘de novo’ (on first diagnosis)) there’s a lot more concern with ensuring that quality of life is good..

The big one was making it to London, meeting up with Andy, spending the weekend with a wonderful friend and her family – including her 10 year old, and my 6-year old god-daughter, and the tickets for Hamilton that Hannah and I had booked as a celebration of having finished cancer treatment:


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We made it … @findmystyle #busylivingwithmets

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and even walked back from the Tube past lovely London skylines, before making it to the Exploring Belief conference the next day (well, for part of the afternoon):

Even managing an afternoon with Erika on the Wednesday:

Also out on Saturday with some of the #abcdiagnosis crew:


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Dinner time! @busylivingwithmets

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So otherwise, other than having gone back to work (working from home) on 24th: