Testing Wimba

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been helping out at a couple of sessions at getting groups of students to use Wimba (I’m looking at ways of trying this more widely in the institution, but not there yet – think I may have to hang out in the dining area!). The students will then […]

"Letters from the Edge: Keep Calm and Carry On" @jamesclay #jiscel10 #uksnow

Below is a blog entry written by James Clay for the currently ongoing #JISCEL10 conference, drawing upon a title I suggested for our talk at #PELC10 (Keep Calm and Carry On – my PhD research included this topic). As we are running into another freezing cold snap, the issues we raised at that conference are […]

Wimba Classroom (Workshop)

Wimba classroom View more presentations from Bex Lewis. The final session prepared for Wimba, although I need to go back and re-edit my Voice and Pronto presentations!

Wimba Pronto

Wimb a pronto View more presentations from Bex Lewis. A session that I taught this morning. I need to re-edit some of the content (as with all the Wimba material, I’m learning by teaching – it’s the best way… learn it the week before/prepare well, but plenty of flexibility for unexpected questions…), and also there’s […]