J John, Week 3: “Prosper with a Clean Conscience”

Do Not Steal Just 10 Winchester is into it’s 3rd week already, and again J John put across an uncompromising message in a humourous way! He’s not getting at us, he’s joining us in the daily challenge to live according to God’s laws within a contemporary living space. J John opened his challenge that stealing […]

J John: Hold to the Truth

In with the Quips J. John started in fine style again… with a story about someone in a store who’d just said to the customer “we don’t have it”. The Manager bounces in, assures the customer that it was ordered 2 weeks ago, and when the customer has gone, asks the employee what they wanted…. […]

J John: Find True Contentment

Winchester Just 10 (Wed 22nd April) J John, famous entertaining Greek, has come to Winchester! Last night was the first in a series of 10 evenings addressing the 10 Commandments from a modern and applicable perspective. Beautiful music, and regular laughter also accompanied the talks, along with a guest spot from¬†Linvoy¬†Primus. Introducing the Series The […]