[CANCER] Thinking in Metaphors … and Occupational Health

The other day I read Illness as Metaphor by Susan Sontag, and was interested at how the idea of things ‘being a cancer on society’, etc is a relatively new thing, and surrounds the fact that there is still so much we don’t understand about it … and that in the past tuberculosis held largely the […]

[CANCER] Checking in with work #CancerLife

The last time I went into MMU was in September 2017 to speak at the IPM conference. In between I’ve had Slack conversations with my team, other social media chats, and been out for a few meals on the good chemo weeks! I’ve also had Skype chats and emails with my Head of Dept (who had […]

Why Work? Dorothy Sayers

Can you remember – it is already getting difficult to remember – what things were like before the war? The stockings we bought cheap and threw away to save the trouble of mending? The cars we scrapped every year to keep up with the latest fashion in engine design and streamlining? The bread and bones […]

Updated: Working & Hols Diary

So, a little update – just trying to clear my own head August Continue as Social Media Strategist for Super Fun Days Out. Continue websites: Digital Fingerprint (and develop that into a business providing social media workshops), this blog, and ww2poster! Continue 0.5 work on the project “The Big Read” for CODEC (based at Premier […]