Overwork = Less Creativity? Milking the academic cow dry?

A fascinating piece on the culture of overwork within academia, finishes: We need coalitions of the sane to lead discussions about what can reasonably be expected of academics, to recruit and promote accordingly and to mentor younger academics into a way of thinking that says: “Enough is enough. If you want to do extra, we […]

Work's Intimacy, a review in @timeshighered

Here’s another on the wishlist!! In a lively and compelling read, Melissa Gregg examines the impact of technologies on the work and lifestyles of employees in the knowledge economy. This book covers a lot of ground in a relatively slim volume, and considers mobile working; part-time and contract working; online team interactions; the use of […]

The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager

What more do I need to say, but yes, I recognise that pattern… have to learn a bit of digital literacy though, to allow for downtime! Thanks Socialcast for a great infographic, and to Guardian Careers who will be undertaking an online conversation via the comments field on 2nd March (1pm).