@WINOL Hot Topics Debate @_UoW

The other week, I joined WINOL (the University of Winchester TV Channel) for a discussion on social media (I’ve just tracked down the footage!). Some intelligent debate (if I say so myself)… but, ah, time to get fit again!! What do you think about the topics for debate?

Phishing Scams … How not to fall for them…

I still regularly hear that people fall for these scams, and this video, although a couple of years old, is still highly relevant. If you’re not sure if it’s from your bank.. check this video!

The Social Media Revolution (2)

Finally – social media has overtaken pornography as the No 1 user of the web… Updated May 2010 to include the newer social networks – fascinating facts! What about returns on investment?

The Twitter Experiment: University of Dallas

An interesting experiment in using Twitter with a class of 50 history students. The best comment on the YouTube video: “Education isn’t a product/service like? milk or car repair. What you are paying for is the opportunity to apprentice with someone who knows a lot more than you. What you get out of it depends […]

British Gas

Keep Calm and Carry On is hovering in the background for this advert!