The Christian Journey

I grew up attending Kents Road Church (then ‘Meeting Hall’) in Haywards Heath. When I moved to Winchester, after a stint at the Winchester Baptist Church, I joined Christ Church, Winchester. An Anglican Church took some getting used to, but happily it’s an evangelical Church, not too much formality! With the move to Manchester, I needed to find another church, and was recommended Holy Trinity Platt, which I enjoyed for 1.5 years. Whilst working for Oak Hall I made Bessels Green Baptist Church my regular church. As I’ve moved around I’ve attended a variety of churches. In Winchester I attendedĀ North Winchester Community Church for the 10.30am service, andĀ Christ Church for the 6.30pm service. In Durham I seem to have settled on Carrville Methodist Church.

I find reading Christian living books helpful, and intend to add some recommendations here later.

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