We Met: John Julias #TFBloggers

John Julias is one of my favourite people to meet on this trip … incredibly welcoming and incredibly enthusiastic about PEP – having attended the first training session feeling that they were poor people, and that was how they were destined to remain – there was nothing they could do to break the cycle. PEP made him realise that he was already living in a fertile land, and that more could be done with agriculture Continue Reading →

We Met: Isaac #TFBloggers

On Saturday we visited our final village,  and the first story that we heard was from Issac. He talked about how he had used the knowledge given in the PEP training sessions to translate into action, and the progress we can see with him is easy to see. He started by growing and selling greens, and then moved onto oranges. When the previous team came to the village to see what he had done, they Continue Reading →

We Met: Martin #TFBloggers

Martin started his story at the age of 16, when he was an orphan, and was used to sell his labour out to quarry stones. He would help others on their land with Oxen, and then be able to use the Oxen on his own land in return. He got married as the PEP scheme started. He was wary of another scheme where names were collected, as these were often followed by requests to ‘pay Continue Reading →

We Met: Margaret #TFBloggers

Before PEP, many in the village were expectant that the Pastor could be lent upon for help, many didn’t know how to do things for themselves, and her husband was not able to provide for the family. Margarent looked at the resources that she had – realized that she had a tree from which she was able to produce oil, and then grew cassava for flour, and therefore produces bread. Where they lived didn’t have Continue Reading →

We Met: Abdul #TFBloggers

Abdul is a Muslim, one of the leaders in the PEP process. Joseph (our driver) had challenged him through some role play – a common tool used as part of the PEP process. His parents had chosen his wife, whom he divorced from in the middle of the LRA insurgency, so he decided to join the army – but this was not well paid – he needed money for himself, his mother, and the children Continue Reading →

We Met: Dolphina #TFBloggers

Last one for today… Dolphina is Pastor Gideon’s wife. She says her life has changed greatly as before PEP she was looking after 10 children single-handedly, and there were always food shortages. PEP asked the participants to undertake an exercise in which people took one step at a time, and were ask to look what was possible – in small steps. She went back home – saw that they had land, strength and good health, Continue Reading →

We Met: Gideon #TFBloggers

Gideon is the Senior Pastor in the area … and as with many pastors, this is a voluntary role, so he still needs to farm in order to survive and provide. He started by saying that he used to judge the other church leaders, as he expected them to help him.  Before the PEP process, along with his wife, he had to hand-till the land. With knowledge from the process, and persistence, he was able Continue Reading →

We Met: James #TFBloggers

James wanted to talk about PEP and some of the changes in the church, and talked about CD (Christ Disciples Structure) – they decided to keep going with their meetings whilst the group saved to buy land for a new church – he is one the group pastors. James is from one of the other nearby villages to Weela, where before PEP there were no pit latrines. There were many children of school age at Continue Reading →