[SPEAKER] Experiencing God in a Digital Age #theconvo17

I’m at ‘The Conversation‘ in Canterbury today, in an event hosted by the CofE, asking “How can we change the dominant church culture from ‘conquering and keeping’ to ‘nurturing and releasing’ the children and young people in our midst?”. I’ve got 20 minutes to put across some ideas about the digital: Experiencing God in a Digital Age (Children/Young People) from Bex Lewis Print PDFLike it? Share it… You may also like: [SPEAKER] Raising Children in Continue Reading →

[SYMPOSIUM] Online Anonymity: Right or Threat? at @lboroCRCC #CRCC2017

Simone Natale kicked off with The New Yorker published a cartoon in 1993 – “no one knows you’re a dog”, with the idea that the online makes it easy to hide your ID. Timandra Harkness indicated that is an updated version – zoom out and we can see the surveillance cameras giving ALL the data – the tech is already there. John Downey from Loughborough’s Centre for Research in Communications and Culture highlighted what they Continue Reading →

[MEDIA] Encouraging #YouthWorkers to Discuss the Digital, with @PremierRadio #SID2017

As Safer Internet Day continues, I checked in for a chat with Alex Williams from Premier to discuss safety online, especially the possibilities that youth workers have to make a difference. Read and listen here. Print PDFLike it? Share it… You may also like: [MEDIA] Talking ‘Digital Image’ with Paul Hammond for @UCBMedia #SID2017 [MEDIA] “Schools and parents must work together to protect children online, says Christian social media expert” with @PremierRadio #CfP Abstract Submission: Continue Reading →

[MEDIA] Talking ‘Digital Image’ with Paul Hammond for @UCBMedia #SID2017

The following came through on a newswire, based upon a survey by the UK Safer Internet Centre (organisation behind Safer Internet Day), and I looked forward to chatting to Paul Hammond again, on this topic (and here’s some of the thoughts I prepared): Research conducted to coincide with the annual safer internet day reveals that just under half of British children are scared to use the internet, worried about online bullying or strangers asking them to do things Continue Reading →

#SID2017 – Are people ‘over-sharenting’? #DigitalParenting

Safer Internet Day 2017 is tomorrow – on the theme of ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet‘, encouraging all stakeholders to ‘join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all, and especially children and young people.’ This afternoon, I was contacted by BBC Radio Manchester about the possibility of discussing the current concerns re ‘sharenting’ on their breakfast show – it has already been knocked off by other more Continue Reading →

THE INTERNET ON OUR OWN TERMS: How Children and Young People Deliberated About Their Digital Rights #DigitalLiteracy

The following report was launched in the House of Lords on 31st January 2017, supported by Nominet Trust, Horizon, commissioned by 5Rights. I’m looking forward to reading it: Print PDFLike it? Share it… You may also like: Myths about young people and social media via @Zephoria #DigitalParenting “Social Capital and Young People” – Thilo Boeck (pp88-103), in Jason Wood & Jean Hine Work With Young People – 2009 (Sage) #DigitalParenting Media: The Impact on Children Continue Reading →

#EmptyShelf17 #1: Ink by @alicecrumbs

Ink, the first of a trilogy, is set in a world where every significant thing you do, whether good or bad, is tattooed on your skin for everyone to see. There are no secrets. When you die, if you are deemed worthy, your tattoos are made into a book and so you can live on for eternity. When Leora’s father dies, she discovers there’s something missing from his book – and her world starts to Continue Reading →

#WeFEvents: Latest on child online safety in the UK: technology, education and policy priorities

Yesterday, I attended the following event, popping out for lunch with Vicki Shotbolt afterwards: [View the story “#WeFEvents: Latest on child online safety in the UK: technology, education and policy priorities” on Storify] Print PDFLike it? Share it… You may also like: #WEdFevents Growing up Digital – technology, child development, iRights and policy with @WEdFevents #SID2016: Internet Safety: A Parent’s Guide with @Motherlandnet Reconnecting health and safety? Safety education and mass persuasion in twentieth century Continue Reading →