#BIGRead14: Mysterious Cross #sh2014 #eastermeans

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem focuses upon the Cross, and the complacency that so many of us of us have towards it because of its familiarity – and an encouragement to re-engage with its mystery: Mysterious cross, you hold my stare, reflect it back. your unfathomable eyes, like the blackest of holes, draw me in, draw me deep. As we were preparing the video material for this, Stephen drew our attention to a small/quiet Cross in Durham Continue Reading →

#BIGRead14: Too Difficult

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem … Yes, it is too much to ask. Yes, it is too difficult. that’s the point. Give me the grace to do the difficult thing today. Not even really time to think about it, as today is my ‘packed full’ day at Spring Harvest … prayers, lecture prep (for afternoon lecture “There’s no place for faith in our public life“, that just didn’t want to fall into place – truly a difficult Continue Reading →

#BIGRead14: Monochrome (#SH2014)

#BIGRead14 As someone who loves colour, today’s poem is a challenge, particularly: Let me be, then, more black and white in who I am, what I say, what I do. and Let me be grey that others may colour and be coloured. I loved finding the photo above on The Worship Cloud, as it could take the poem even further – do we become more monochrome so that the Cross stands out? Maggi Dawn In Continue Reading →

#BIGRead14: Untie My Depths

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem gives a real sense of ‘struggle’, seeking to find ‘meaning’, but getting caught up and tangled in what we are already caught up in: Disentangle me, Lord. Unpick my inner knot. Unravel my complexity. Unweave my deepest confusion. Untwist the channels of spirit within. I’m not one that talks about ‘visions’ much, but when I was doing life-coaching training, I described the thoughts in my head as a huge number of multicoloured Continue Reading →

#BIGRead14: Pain

#BIGRead14 Today’s poem, on pain, makes me think of a number of verses in Genesis, where the ground is cursed, labour is cursed, and life is made so much more difficult through our own disobedience… Yet the truth is that the pain overcomes me. It invades, vanquishes and diminishes me. I know some of the pain that I experience is brought on by some of my own unhelpful habits … I’m working on a few Continue Reading →

#BIGRead14: Hosanna

#BIGRead14 Just: Heroic Son of David: heal us, and give us the hope we cannot grasp. Amen. #Do1NiceThing: Thank people for the virtues they have Maggi Dawn Encouraged by coming across the Bethphage charity, as I googled for more information on the city… The poem, the church service I went to today, and Maggi’s reading all, unsurprisingly, focus on Matthew 21 – the story of Jesus entering as the Messiah, but on a donkey, rather than on Continue Reading →

#BIGRead14: Generosity

#BIGRead14 A call to be generous with our time and our money…. My brain is whirling between ‘responsible’ and ‘courageous’ in our giving… Including of ourselves. As I’m spending a weekend with members of my family I felt rude to go off for a nap… But that means they’ve been able to get on. It’s the Arsenal/Wigan match! And next week is filled with Spring Harvest… #do1nicething – well, free car wash would be fantastic Continue Reading →

#BIGRead14: Kindness

#BIGRead14 Beautiful words today (and read by a friend who has kindly offered me her sofa on several occasions…: Although I am grateful, I rarely appreciate the kindness of others as deeply or as warmly as I should. I love living in a digital age much of the time, so many opportunities to share with people … (and I’ve just shared much of the train journey down to Taunton with a delightful set of people .. Continue Reading →